Murugan ThiruKalyanam | Divine Wedding of Subrahmanya, Valli Devasena

Lord Muruga is the beloved deity of everyone, and he is also considered to be the family deity of many Hindus. Among the various incidents happened in the life of Lord Muruga, his marriage held with Ma Valli and Ma Devasena is considered to be a very important one. In order to bring the two […]

Indra, Indrani Kalyanam | Divine Marriage of Indradev, Indrani Devi

Bhagwan Indra, Indrani Thirukalyanam took place before several millions of years ago, in the Swarga Loka, but, still the divine couple look young and beautiful. During the time of their marriage, gods and demigods like Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Vayu, Varuna and Agni Dev were also present in the heaven. Ma Indrani is also classified as […]

Brahma Saraswati Kalyanam | Divine Wedding of Goddess Saraswati, Lord Brahma

While Lord Brahma creates the living beings in the earth, it is Ma Saraswati who gives proper wisdom, courage and knowledge to them. Though Lord Brahma had created Saraswati out of his powers, but he married her, by considering her as his “SUPREME POWER”. The details about the marriage ceremony of Lord Brahma and Ma […]

Draupadi Amman Thirukalyanam | Panchali Amman Kalyanam

There is a famous temple dedicated for Ma Draupadi, also known as Draupadi Amman, and as Panchali Amman, and this temple is situated in Kadapperi village walaja, taluk, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu 632508, Mobile No. 098848 55888. Recently in this temple, the marriage ceremony of Ma Draupadi Amman was held along with her lovely consort Arjuna, […]

Thirukalyanam | Divine Marriage of Gods, Goddesses

Chandra Rohini Kalyanam

While the term Kalyanam refers to marriages made between ordinary mortals like us, marriages performed between immortal gods and goddesses are known as Thirukalyanam. Some of the Thirukalyanam of the ancient celebrated divine personalities are as follows:- 1. Marriage ceremony of Bhakta Prahalada and Devi Though most of them are not aware about the marriage […]

Celestial Marriage Ceremony

Similar to the marriages of the ordinary mortals in the earth, the marriages of immortals, who lives in the SwarkaLoka and other Divine worlds are also being grandly performed by them in the presence of the gods and goddesses, and they also lead a family life along with their consorts and with their sons and […]

Palm-leaf Manuscripts | Ancient Manuscripts

Palm-leaf manuscripts are made out of dried palm leaves, and ancient scholars had used these leaves as writing material, similar to the present day paper. But if the palm-leaf manuscripts are not preserved properly, it would be eaten away by white ants and by other small insects. Most of our ancient Tamil texts were written […]

Ancient Divine Marriages

Similar to the marriages of human beings, marriages of the immortals also takes place before few thousand years. Among the marriages of the deities, marriage function of Lord Sundareswarar, a form of Lord Shiva, and Mata Meenakshi, a form of Ma Parvati, is considered as the most important one. Meenakshi is the daughter of King […]