Indra, Indrani Kalyanam | Divine Marriage of Indradev, Indrani Devi

Bhagwan Indra, Indrani Thirukalyanam took place before several millions of years ago, in the Swarga Loka, but, still the divine couple look young and beautiful. During the time of their marriage, gods and demigods like Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Vayu, Varuna and Agni Dev were also present in the heaven. Ma Indrani is also classified as one among the SaptaKannimars, an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi. Their children are Jayanta and Jayanti.

When the Deva Guru Brihaspati acted as the priest, Lord Agni has present in physical form, and directly received the oblations from the fire sacrifices. The divine couple were also received various gifts from their friends, relatives and even from some demons also. During the time of marriage, the demon guru, Shukracharya was also present and blessed the divine couple. The details about the marriage ceremony of Indra and Indrana were mentioned in one of the ancient texts of Hinduism.

The Divine cow Kamadhenu had given all the necessary things for the marriage ceremony, and the holy tree Kalpavriksha has produced tasty fruits, fragrant flowers like Parijatha, and it produced plenty of plantain leaves, for the purpose of feeding the guests present in the marriage ceremony hall.

After the completion of marriage ceremony, Indradeva and Indrani were seated in the divine elephant Iravatha, and as a part of their honey moon trip, they began to travel to various charming places like the flower gardens, mountains and forests.

The divine couple still loves each other and Ma Indrani is classified as very chaste, pious and a holy woman. The details about Indra and Indrani were mentioned in the Mahabharata and in Srimad Bhagavatham. Once when Lord Krishna and Ma Satyabama visited the palace of Lord Indra and Indrani, they were warmly welcomed by Ma Indrani, and exchanged pleasant words with them.

In the Vedas, the name of Lord Indra and Ma Indrani was mentioned several times. It is also believed, that the present Indra and Indrani would live in the Swarga Loka as the King and Queen, till the completion of this present Kaliyuga.

Those who read about the marriage ceremony of Lord Indra and Goddess Indrani would be blessed by them, and they would be blessed with a good married life with noble children, and they also would attain all kinds of prosperity in their lives.


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