Brahma Saraswati Kalyanam | Divine Wedding of Goddess Saraswati, Lord Brahma

Brahma Loka Lord Brahma Saraswati

Brahma Loka Lord Brahma Saraswati

While Lord Brahma creates the living beings in the earth, it is Ma Saraswati who gives proper wisdom, courage and knowledge to them. Though Lord Brahma had created Saraswati out of his powers, but he married her, by considering her as his “SUPREME POWER”.

The details about the marriage ceremony of Lord Brahma and Ma Saraswati were mentioned in an ancient Purana, and it was performed before several millions of years ago. During the time of marriage ceremony, Lord Shiva and Vishnu were assembled in the Satya Loka along with their consorts, and most of the Rishis were not present there, since they were not even born at that time.

While Vishnu and Lakshmi blessed the newly married couple, the celestial Devas began to shower fragrant flowers from the heaven, and the divine attendants of Lord Shiva and Vishnu, Lord Nandi and Lord Garuda were also present in the marriage ceremony hall. While Lord Nandi plays the Drum, Lord Garuda began to play the Nadaswaram using his sharp nose.

The celestial Apsaras began to dance in the SatyaLoka, in order to provide good entertainment to the visitors who participated in the divine marriage function. After the completion of the marriage ceremony, Ma Saraswati with a shy on her face, began to play the musical instrument Veena with a smiling face, and it was watched by everyone, and all of them appreciated her talent in the musical field.

Lord Brahma has granted most of his powers to his consort Ma Saraswati in order to make her to shine brightly. As a token of exchanging his love and affection on his lovely consort Ma Saraswati, Lord Brahma had made her as the Goddess of Arts, education, Music, Dance and prosperity. The name of Lord Brahma and Ma Saraswati was mentioned in the Vedas for several times, and they were classified as the Vedic god and goddess.

Those who read the details about the marriage ceremony of Lord Brahma and Ma Saraswati would be blessed by them forever in their lives, and they would attain good courage, wisdom and knowledge, and they would never face any failures in their life.


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