Celestial Marriage Ceremony

Similar to the marriages of the ordinary mortals in the earth, the marriages of immortals, who lives in the SwarkaLoka and other Divine worlds are also being grandly performed by them in the presence of the gods and goddesses, and they also lead a family life along with their consorts and with their sons and daughters. When Lord Indra married with Ma Indrani, all of the gods and goddesses were present in the Swarga Loka, and they blessed the divine couple by showering flowers on them.

Similar to Indra, Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, married with Ma Bhadra, who is believed to be the daughter of Surya and Chaya and the sister of ShaniDev, Yama Dev, Yamuna and Tapti. Surya had got married with Saranyu and Chaya, Lord Vayu with Ma Bharati, Lord Agni with Swaha, Varuna with Varuni, ShaniDev with Manda, Yama with Dhumorna, Dhruva with Brahmi, Chandra married with Rohini and her sisters, who are shining as stars in the skies.

And apart from these celestial gods, Navagrahas like Shukra, Brihaspati, Angaraka, Bhuda, Rahu and Ketu are also got married, and they are still living with their life partners in a wonderful manner. But mortals like us have only a temporary life, and in that life itself, we suffer a lot. Some people are also facing failures in their marriage life, and some people still remain as bachelors though they prefer to get married with someone.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita, “Whatever you owe in this world is only temporary. You cannot expect your dear ones such as your wife, sons, father and mother would come along with you throughout your life, since you may get separated from them at any point of time by the way of death. Instead of keeping interest on those worldly affairs, keep interest only on me, me and me alone, since you would get the permanent spiritual bliss only on thinking about me, hence, instead of worrying about the things which you didn’t possess, keep more and more attention on me, and surrender yourself at my feet, and that alone would lead you to the gateway of heaven.


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