Swamy Embaar

Swamy Embaar was born during the year 1026 AD to a pious Iyengar Family, and he is believed to be an aspect of Lord Garuda Bhagavan. Embaar’s birth name was Govinda Bhattar, and he was a relative to Swami Ramanuja. Both of them studied under Guru Yadhava Prakasha at Thiruputkuzhi, situated near Kancheepuram.

Since Ramanuja didn’t accept some of the principles of his Guru Yadavaprakasha, his Guru tried to kill him, and made a detailed plan, but however due to the timely advice of Govinda, Ramanuja has escaped, and thus he was saved by Lord Varadar, a form of Lord Vishnu.

While Govinda and his Guru Yadvacharya with some of his disciples were reaching Kashi, Govinda took bath in the Holy River Ganges and to his surprise, miraculously a Shiva Lingam was found in his hand, and then as per the advice of his Guru Sri Yadavacharya, he began to worship the Holy Shiva Lingam.

Later, he also went to Sri Kalahasthi, had nice darshan of Lord Shiva and stayed at the temple for some time. By that time, Swami Ramanuja becomes the disciple of Thirukachi Nambhigal and has also taken sainthood. Swamy Ramanuja went to Kalahasthi, met Govinda bhattar and asked him to re-join in Sri Vaishnavasim sect.

Govinda bhattar has agreed, and then he went to Thirumala in order to have the glimpse of Lord Venkateswara, and he also stayed in the house of Sri Thirumalai Nambi for some time. Then Ramanuja had visited Govinda at the residence of Sri Thirumalai Nambi and he took him along with him in order to help him to spread the essentials of Sri Vaishnavism sect amongst the general public. Govinda returns back to Swamy Ramanuja, attended all divine lectures conducted by Sri Ramanuja, and he also becomes a staunch disciple of Swamy Ramanuja and began to serve Ramanuja throughout the day.

Though Govinda bhattar was married, but, he remained like a Bachelor, and he took sainthood under his Guru Ramanuja, and from then onwards he began to be popularly known as “Emperumanar”.

As ordered by his Guru Sri Ramanujacharya, Embaar taught his disciple Parasara Bhattar about the essentials of Sri Vaishnavism doctrines.  Swamy Embaar has contributed a great work which is known as “VIJNAASTHUTHI”. After his death, Embaar has attained salvation.

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R Harishankar

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