Brahma Sutras | Philosophical, Spiritual ideas of Upanishads

The Brahma Sutras are written in Sanskrit and it was written by the great sage Vyasa. The text contains the philosophies and spiritual teachings of the great sages, and it contains some portions of Vedic texts. The Brahma Sutras tells us about the need to worship the great almighty, who is considered as the “SUPREME […]

Ramanuja | Sri Ramanujacharya | Chief Proponent of ‘Vishishtadvaita’

Ramanuja (1017 AD–1137 AD) was one of the most important influential spiritual master of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition. According to traditional belief, he has been regarded as an amsha of Lord Adhishesha. He founded the Bhakti movement on Lord Vishnu. He is also known as Sri Ramanujacharya, Udaiyavar, Yatiraja, Bhashyakarar, Godagrajar, Thiruppavai Jeeyar, Emberumanar and […]