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Sun in 7th House | Ravi in House of Marriage

Sun in 7th House, Ravi in House of Marriage – Effects of Sun in 7th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Sun is in House No. 7 he will be like a king without a Crown and has to toil for his prosperity. If the 1st house is blank it will make the 7th house dormant. His destiny will shine when the planet of House No. 8 goes to House No. 2. He will become rich after the period of Mercury.

Jupiter, Moon or Mars in House No. 2 will give him high rank. If Mercury is not supportive, he will face misery all around. If his wife is not chaste, his family will be destroyed.

Positive effects of Sun in 7th house 

When Sun is in 7th house he will be blessed with a house whose courtyard will be on the roadside. He will be brave and arrogant. He will be blessed with wealth and prosperity after the age of 34. He will gain after the birth of his son who will be intelligent. He will gain at the age of 17 to 34 years and have a long life along with his wife.

When Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn or the 2nd and 3rd or 5th house are benefic he will earn outside of his ancestral place but he will die back home.

When Saturn, Mercury or Ketu is in House No. 2, the wife will not be lucky and will create trouble to others.

When Jupiter, Moon or Mars is in House No. 2 he will attain a high rank.

When Mercury is exalted or Mars or Mercury is in House No. 7 he will have good income but his intelligent is not sure.

Negative affects of Sun in 7th house 

If the sun is afflicted there will be downfall in the status of his parents in early age. Sisters of mother and father will suffer loss. His son may be deaf or insane. If the person is selfish and rash tempered he will suffer downfall. If all the planets are weak and afflicted it will ruin the family and he may commit suicide. Wife will not be lucky for the first 25 years.

When Jupiter, Venus or Rahu Ketu is in House No. 1 and Mercury is weak or afflicted and in House No. 9, there will be many deaths in the family and the person will be affected by health issues till the age of 34.

When Mercury is not supporting Sun it can destroy everything.

When Mars or Saturn is in House No. 2, 12 and Moon is in House No. 1 he will be affected with white spots on skin. If House No. 1 is blank his overall condition will be below average.

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