Sun Rahu Conjunction in various houses | Ravi Rahu in Same house

Sun Rahu Conjunction in various houses, Ravi Rahu in same house, effects of Sun Rahu conjunction in various houses are explained here.

During this phase, Rahu will keep Sun under eclipse. Jupiter will give negative results causing all round depression till the age of 45. When Sun is conjoined with enemy planets, it damages the items relating to those planets as per the houses in which they move. Enemy planets will give their malefic results in period of 22 to 45 years.

The effect of friendly planets of Sun will also be malefic and the enemy will survive. During this combination, if Venus and Mercury are together, then Sun Rahu combination will not give malefic results. He will have a good source of income. Sun will give positive results for a period of 39 years from the age of 39.

Effect of Sun Rahu Conjunction in 1st house : One is treated as blind from birth if Saturn or Mars or both are in house no 5,9. Both will give individual benefic and malefic effects.

Effect of Sun Rahu Conjunction in 3rd house : The malefic effect of Mercury and Ketu will continue till the age of 34.

Effect of Sun Rahu Conjunction in 5th house : The native will have a high position in office. Progeny will be useless till the age of 21.When Moon is in 4th house, the in laws and family of maternal uncle would be adversely affected.

Effect of Sun Rahu Conjunction in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th house : The planets in 8th house or adjoining house causes uncertainity of life. When Saturn is poor or malefic it will destroy the planet in second house. When Male planets like Jupiter and Mars are not helpful, the native may have a short life span. Saturn becomes malefic if female planets are positioned in the second house.

Effect of Sun Rahu Conjunction in remaining houses : In these houses, Sun and Rahu will give their own individual results.

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