Swami Sukhanand | Disciple of Ramananda

Sukhanand was the disciple of Swami Ramananda and he lived during 14th-century AD, who acted as a best companion to his guru Ramananda, and served him in a pleasing manner. Similar to his guru Ramananda, he was also a great Vaishnavite devotional poet and saint, who lived in Varanasi, near the banks of the holy river Ganges.

He is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Bharata, the beloved brother of Lord Ram by his followers. Along with his Guru, Ramananda, he preached the sweetness of Ramanandi Sect, amongst the people, in order to establish the Rama Bhakti amongst the masses.

He lived his most part of his life along with his Guru Saint Ramanandain Varanasi. He was one of the famous saints, and the beloved disciple of Swami Ramananda, and an important figure of the Bhakti movement during the 14th century AD. Saint Sukhanand’s philosophies are based on the great Saint Sri Ramanuja, and he also considered Guru Ramanuja as his spiritual guru.

Similar to Saint Ramananda, Sukhanand was also accepted disciples without seeing their caste, creed, community and religion, and during his period,popular saints like Kabir, and Ravidas were also served as disciples to Saint Ramananda.


1. Chant the sweet Rama Mantra, in order to add sweetness in your life.

2. Lord Rama’s life acts as an example for others, and we can accept him as our Guru, guide and god.

3. Forget all of your worries by singing songs on Lord Rama.

4. Ancient saints have attained salvation due to their sincere devotion on Lord Rama.

5. Among the various avatars of Lord Vishnu, Rama avatar is considered as the best avatar.

6. Our life would be meaningful only if we develop strong faith and bhakti on Lord Rama.

7. Let us become the servants of our divine master Lord Rama, and praise his glories.


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