Develop Strong Bond with God

Instead of developing more bondage with our friends and relatives, let us develop strong bondage with god. The relationship between us and god would always be sweet and fruitful, since god didn’t speak anything bad about us, even if we speak badly about him, but, just, he would watch our conversations with a wonderful smile in an invisible form.

Human relationships are like the rainbow which appears on the sky rarely. Rainbow though appears to be colourful, but it would disappear within a few minutes time. Those who have believed to be our dear friends would turn into our enemies on one day, just within a fraction of second, and likewise, some wives also would show false love with their consorts and after grabbing sufficient wealth from their husbands, they would try to separate themselves from their so-called husbands. Likewise, some children also would grab the hard earned wealth from their parents, and after that, they would leave them alone with empty handed.

Hence, instead of keeping worldly bondages and maintaining personal and physical bondages between our near and dears, let us keep good bondage with the god, and only for our sake, God has incarnated as “SRI KRISHNA BHAGAVAN”, in the previous Dwapara Yuga, and still he acts as our friend, guide, philosopher and god.

In his Bhagavat Gita Teachings, Lord Krishna tells, “Oh My Dear Arjuna, don’t keep too much of attachment with your relatives and friends, since, human’s mind is subjected to frequent change, instead of that, keep more and more bhakti on me, since I am the one, who would never act as enemies to my devotees, and if you think too much about your friends, relatives and well-wishers, sometimes, your mind might get disturbed, whereas, if you think me, even the entire day, your mind would become strong, since I am the one who would sits on the soul of my devotees, and activates them in a brisk manner”.

Some young lovers would love each other very much and they also would be in a position even to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their so-called reallove. But that cannot be termed as a true love, since all the love relationships cannot be expected to end up in marriages. Whereas if we love god in terms of spirituality, and if we dedicate our soul, energy, faith and our entire belongings to him, then, he would never cheat us, but would definitely give the basic amenities to us, like food, clothing and shelter, and also would act as our best spiritual lover.


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