Sri Samhara Moorthy

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Lord Vishnu in his various avatars have destroyed the evil forces and brought happiness to the entire universe. Since Lord Krishna killed Kamsa, the king of Mathura, he is also known as “KAMSA SAMHARA MOORTHY”. Though Lord Krishna killed lot of demons, like Shakatasura, Vatsasura, Bhagasura and Aghasura, he is much praised for killing Kamsa, since he has caused lot of troubles to the Yadavas. Lord Krishna has given lot of opportunities to Kamsa in order to correct himself, but since he didn’t utilise it, hence finally he was killed in the hands of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Kamsa also tortured the biological parents of Lord Krishna, Vasudeva and Devaki by putting them in prison for a few years.

Krishna avatar is considered as a most popular avatar of Lord Vishnu, since in this avatar, Lord Krishna had shown his Viswaroopa form, and proved to the world, that he is the full form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is also called as “NARAKASURA SAMHARA MOORTHY”, since he has killed him with the help of his consort Ma Satyabama. Krishna is also known as “PANDAVA DOOTA”, since he acted as a messenger for Pandavas, in order to hold peace talks with the Kauravas, for avoiding the Kurukshetra war. Lord Krishna is also known as “DRAUPATI ANUGRAHA MOORTHY”, since he has protected her honour, when she was about to lose it in the court of the Kauravas, due to the cruel act of Duchadana.

Lord Krishna is also known as “DWARAKAPATI”, since he gloriously ruled down the kingdom of Dwaraka for many years. Lord Krishna is also known as “PANDAVA ANUGRAHA MOORTHY”, since he has shown much care, attention and affection on the Pandavas.

Lord Krishna is also known as “GITACHARYA”, since he has acted as a universal guru, by introducing the great divine book Bhagavat Gita, which act as a good spiritual guide to the mankind. Lord Krishna is also known as “PARAMA DAYALA MOORTHY”, since he is very fond of his devotees, and shows his utmost mercy on them. Lord Krishna is praised by his devotees using his thousand names, and those who sincerely recite his thousand names regularly would get his everlasting blessings, and thereafter they need not worry about their future life, since Lord Krishna would light lamp on their path during the times of darkness.

Lord Vishnu is also known as “HIRANYA SAMHARA MOORTHY”, since the beautiful Lord took the form of Varaha (Boar), and destroyed Hiranya also known as Hiranyaksha. Once the demon Hiranyaksha caused havoc in the world, by troubling the people in the earth and the Devas in the heaven. He also threw the earth goddess, Ma Bhudevi, into the ocean, thus by preventing her in discharging her work.

In order to restore the earth goddess to her normal position, Lord Vishnu took the form of Varaha, fought with him, destroyed him, and placed the earth mother in her abode, the holy earth, and also affectionately kept her on his lap, thus by removing her fear. Lord Vishnu is taking various avatars in order to maintain peace in the universe, and it is his duty to protect the entire universe from the wrong doers.

Since the Lord frequently destroys the evil minded ones, he is also called as “SATHRU SAMHARA MOORTHY”, since the Lord brought back the Vedas from the demons Madhu and Kaitabha, and gave it to his son Lord Brahma, by taking the holy Hayagriva avatar, he is also known as “HAYAGRIVA MOORTHY”.

Since Lord Vishnu saved Manu and few other sages from the deluge, by taking the holy Matsya Avatar, he is also called as “MATSYA MOORTHY”, since the Lord saved his child devotee Prahalada from the clutches of his father Hiranyakasipu, thus by destroying the demon, by taking the Narasimha Avatar, he is also known as “NARASIMHA MOORTHY”, since the Lord takes has taken the Kapila Muni Avatar, in order to teach the divine subjects to others, he is also known as “KAPILA BHAGAVAN”, since the Lord took the Parasurama Avatar, in order to remove the ego of the Kshatriya kings, he is also known as “PARASURAMA MOORTHY”, since the Lord took the Kurma (Tortoise) Avatar during the time of churning of the ocean, in order to obtain divine nectar from the divine ocean Parkadal, he is also known as “SRI KURMA MOORTHY”.

Even the great almighty is subject to various forms and he always uses his avatars only for protective purposes and not for destructive purposes. Even in case if the entire worlds submerges into ocean, the nature of Lord Vishnu would never get changed, and he would always remain humble, noble and gentle towards his devotees, and would always find out the ways to safeguard them in their lives.

Lord Parasurama is called as Kartaviryarjuna Samhara Moorthy, since he killed Kartaviryarjuna, in order to revenge him for killing his father Rishi Jamadagni. As per legend, Kartaviryarjuna once challenged Lord Varuna whether he could wage a war with him. Varuna replied that he can wage a war with Jamadagni’s son, Parashurama since he contains very good skills in archery, and also he was talented in handling all types of weapons. On hearing this,Arjuna went straight to Rishi Jamadagni’s Ashram along with his soldiers, and there he was cordially invited by Rishi Jamadagni, and also served sumptuous food to him and his soldiers by using the powers of the divine cow Kamadhenu. After seeing the great powers of Kamadhenu, Kartaviryarjuna tried to forcefully abduct it, but Kamadhenu chased away Kartaviryarjuna and his soldiers using its horns and disappeared from that place. The great King Kartaviryarjuna considered it as a shame for him, and hence he got angry with Rishi Jamadagni and killed him with his sword, and fled away from that place with his soldiers.

During the time of this incident, Parasurama was not available at his home, since he went outside for collecting wood for doing fire sacrifices. After returning home, he got to know about the bitter incident from his mother, and hence Parasurama waged a war with Kartaviryarjuna, and killed him after cutting all of his thousand arms in one shot. It is believed that the great Sudarsana, the divine weapon of Lord Vishnu was incarnated as Kartaviryarjuna, due to a curse from Lord Vishnu.

Once Sudarshana had become very pride of his powers, and he even felt that only because of his powers, Lord Vishnu was able to win in the wars, and he also considered that he is more powerful than that of his master Lord Vishnu. In order to remove his ego, Lord Vishnu had cursed him to be born as Kartaviryarjuna in the earth, and also promised him that he would be relieved from his curse, after his avatar Parasurama destroys him.

Actually even in the lives of the divine people, like Sudarshana Chakra, changes would occur. Even the demi gods cannot change their fate, since even they are also subject to Karmic deeds. The divine gate keepers of Lord Vishnu, Jaya and Vijaya, after getting curse from Sanatkumaras have been born as demons in their three consecutive births, and after that, they have regained their original place. Likewise, the great Sangukarna, who once served as a divine attendant of Lord Brahma, after getting curse from Lord Brahma, had been born in this earth as Prahalada, and he has attained few more births, and still now, he is living in the earth as Guru Raghavendra, by blessing his devotees, and only after a few hundred years, he could regain his position in the Brahma Loka. The great Parasurama is still doing penance on Lord Shiva in the Mahendragiri Hills, which is situated in the present day Odisha.


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