Spiritual Life

Life is the four lettered word, which would be repeatedly uttered by us during our life time. Life is not sweet for everyone. Except for a few, most of the people are suffering from lot of problems in their life, like diseases, poverty, unemployment, family related problems etc. All these are happens due to our past birth Karmas.

According to the great rishi Veda Vyasa, people would keep on doing good and bad karmas in their life, and it is the laid down rules of the almighty. In order to properly balance the earth, both good and bad people would be always there in the world.

Our life can be filled up with peace and prosperity, if we live a ‘SPIRITUAL LIFE’, dedicating ourselves on the faith of the god. Instead of thinking only about our worries, we must make our worries into happiness by frequently thinking about the great almighty. In this Kali Yuga, for most of us, there would not be a permanent end for our sufferings. The only thing is to keep worshipping the god, and to put our burdens on his shoulders.

For living a spiritual life, there is no need to neglect our families and to become saints. By staying in our family life itself, we can attain spiritual enlightenment. Some people would chant only a few times of the names of the god, and within a few years itself, they would get the grace of the god, and would get more peace of mind, whereas some people would be keep on doing meditation and would do regular pujas also in their homes, but they would not get the divine grace. This happens due to the lack of faith on the god. Once we start worshipping the god, we should not doubt about his powers or his significance. We should keep him in our heart, and must develop strong bhakti on him.

Our life is a long journey, and we are all travelling in the ship to reach the shore of heaven. But it is not possible for everyone, except for some saintly people, it is not possible for others, to attain salvation after their death, and they have to continuously take rebirths in the world.

According to Lord Krishna, we have to consider both the sufferings and happiness as equal, and then only, we would be able to lead our life in this earth. We can think that some divine avatars like Parasurama, Hanuman and Vyasa are all living happily in this earth, without any sufferings in their life. Yes, they are living without any sufferings in their life, but they are able to live like that, by doing continuous meditation on the almighty.

Lord Parasurama is meditating on Lord Shiva for several lakhs of years, and similarly Hanuman is meditating Rama, and Veda Vyasa is doing meditation on Lord Vishnu in Bhadrikashram, and his great disciple and the Madhwa religion founder, Sri Madhwacharya is doing noble service for him. All of these divine avatars are doing some sort of sacred activities, and they didn’t enjoy any physical pleasures in their life. Their entire thoughts are based on the almighty only. If we are also able to do like that, then we can also live happily in our life. But since we are all ordinary mortals, and since we have a family, we cannot do like that. But at least during our free time, we can keep worshipping the god, in order to live our life happily and peacefully.

We must know about one thing that no one is living peacefully in this world expect some few saints and devotees of the almighty. In order to get rid from our physical and mental diseases, we must always rely on the god by doing spiritual and social welfare activities throughout in our life.


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