‘Helping Hands’ are Greater than ‘Bowing Hands’

Annapurna Devi Lord Shiva

Serving hands are greater than bowing hands. Yes, though we make prayers for the sake of the well-being of the entire world, but during that moment, we are not doing anything for the sake of the mankind, but, we simply offer our prayers to the god. Whereas if we do charitable activities like providing food […]

Spirituotherapy & Spirituotherapists

Similar to the Physiotherapists and Psychiatrists who are specialised in curing various physical and mental disorders of the people, Spirituotherapists also must be introduced in large numbers, in order to cure the mental and physical disorders using various spiritual products and methods. Similar to the Spirituotherapists, Spiritual Advisors, who clears the spiritual doubts of the […]

Who is a Spiritual Leader

A spiritual leader is one who used to continuously involve himself towards improving the standard of their religion, and in Hinduism, there are lot of spiritual leaders, like Guru Raghavendra, Kanchi Paramacharya and Ramana Maharishi. Guru Raghavendra though, he is a Madhwa Saint, but he gave his encouragement for both Shaivism and Vaishnavism, and still […]

Spiritual Videos

Spiritual videos are a must to watch and it is a worth to watch. As the world modernizes, technology improvements are also abundantly available. We must utilize the advanced level of technology in a useful manner. Lot of Spiritual YouTube Videos is available in the Internet, and we can watch it from our mobile phones […]

Spiritual Awareness Programs

Spiritual awareness programme must be conducted regularly by our Holy Hindus in temples and in Hindu institutions, in order to make awareness about the essence of Spirituality. Since most of the people are not aware about the sweetness of our holy Hinduism, it is a must to start conducting regular programmes on Divine subjects of […]

Spiritual Bondage

Spiritual bondage means, “Binding ourselves with the thoughts on the almighty, and becoming his permanent slave.” In general, if we use the word bondage for some other things like labour bondage or business bondage, it does not taste good. Whereas, if we use the word Spiritual bondage, our hearts would be filled up with full […]

Spiritual Life

Life is the four lettered word, which would be repeatedly uttered by us during our life time. Life is not sweet for everyone. Except for a few, most of the people are suffering from lot of problems in their life, like diseases, poverty, unemployment, family related problems etc. All these are happens due to our […]