Spiritual elevation through Dharma

Hinduism has given to the religious world a Sanskrit term for which an exact equivalent has not been found. in any other language. (The nearest may be righteousness or virtue or moral law). This Word ‘Dharma’ envisages the practical application of certain rules which regulate man’s conduct and enables him spiritual elevation.

Religion and righteousness are inter-linked. The former, relates to individual while Dharma stands for the welfare of society as all religions ask men to speak truth, respect elders and avoid theft. If a person upholds virtue, in its turn it will protect him. Everyday, one must always do good. offer worship to God and revere one’s parents and listen to their advice.

The Vedas form the foundation for the grand and glorious edifice of Hinduism. They direct the followers to obey the mother, the father, the spiritual guide and the (needy) guest. The first teacher, Dakshinamurthy made people observe the codes. The next universal teacher and preacher was Lord Krishna who through His Bhagavad Gita has shown the way to live and conduct ourselves. Arjuna symbolised the confused human being and hence through him the Lord has taught all of us.

Then appeared Adi Sankara who was able to resuscitate Hinduism when it has being subjected to onslaughts. Philoso phers praise the contents of his teachings. Subsequently illustrious teachers followed him and today we have Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi as one of the illustrious leaders. He had spread the message of Hinduism in several ways.

In the life of every God minded person there should be a spiritual guide. The Guru, as he is called, will teach him how to realise God. Respect shown to him will lead a devotee on to the path of liberation. He will inculcate discipline and act as a torchbearer. The Kanchi Acharya has given advice to people to refrain from receiving dowry and avoid ostentatious living. Because of his presence, there has been a spiritual awakening among people, said Sri Jayendra Saraswathi in a discourse. There has been an awareness about the importance to be given to the Vedas. The Hindu Dharma has come to be established. The Vedic commands like doing good, respecting traditions and paying obeisance to God should be strictly carried out.

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