Dharma, the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ Daily Life

Dharma is the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ daily life. The most widely used word “Dharma” is not exactly definable. But broadly, it can be said to connote righteous duties, Divine ordinances, customary usage, certain ideals before mankind, justice, equity, good conduct or morality. It is commonly understood that those who follow it are bound to […]

What is the relationship of Dharma (righteousness) with God?

What is the relationship of Dharma (righteousness) with God? To this query on the relationship between Dharma and the God, Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living, giving explanation in his words during a Satsang… With what does God not have a relationship, tell me this? God has a relationship with righteousness (dharma) as well as unrighteousness (adharma). […]

Spiritual elevation through Dharma

Hinduism has given to the religious world a Sanskrit term for which an exact equivalent has not been found. in any other language. (The nearest may be righteousness or virtue or moral law). This Word ‘Dharma’ envisages the practical application of certain rules which regulate man’s conduct and enables him spiritual elevation. Religion and righteousness […]