Spiritual Thoughts on Almighty even before Birth

We must have to develop strong bhakti on the almighty even before our birth. We can take the great Bhakta Prahalada as an example for this. When Prahalada was in the womb of his mother Kayadu, Devarishi Narada used to tell divine stories about Lord Vishnu to Kayadu, and it was sincerely heard by the child in the womb, and when Narada stops the story for some time, then the child would raise a soft voice, by asking him to continue the divine story.

Due to that, after Prahalada was born, he has become a great Vishnu devotee, and still now he is faithfully serving Lord Narayana and blessing us in the form of Guru Raghavendra.

Hence in order to want their children to get more interest in spirituality, the pregnant mother must hear divine stories from their consorts or from the elderly people, and by doing that, the child present in her womb would also listen to that, and after his birth, he would become a soft natured and a noble person, and would concentrate on spiritual matters apart from his normal studies.

Bhakti though is a single word, but a strong word, and contains lot of goodness and sweetness into it. Through that only, the great Dhruva is shining as the divine star in the sky, and for him there is no need to worry about health, wealth and other things at all. Since in the star world, he would not suffer from hunger and thirst, and would permanently live as a demigod in the Dhruva Mandala. The great rishi Markandeya due to his bhakti on Lord Shiva, is still living in the form of a youth, and residing in the Divine world, by performing meditation on Lord Shiva.

Some people would postpone worshipping the god by saying that they would worship the god only at their older age. But there is no permanency for our human life. We can die at any moment of time. Hence let us develop bhakti on the almighty from now itself, and let the pregnant mothers inculcate the bhakti on the almighty to their child even while they are at their womb, by hearing bhakti stories from others and also by telling bhakti stories to their child.


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