Special Children

Special children are considered as the sons of the god, and hence they are known as Special children. Throughout their life, they will not commit sins and knowingly they will never harm others, they are innocent, and doesn’t know the things happening around them.

Most of the special children contains defect in their mind and body during their birth itself, and they may suffer from autism, mental disorders, brain deficiency and cerebral-palsy etc. Their brain would not function properly, and due to that, they could not discharge their routine duties properly, and they may be having defect in their nerves and bones also, and due to that, their nerves and bones would be frequently broken, and cause heavy pain to them.

In general, it is believed, that the special children suffers from their body disorders, due to their past birth sins. At the same time, we cannot avoid such kind of persons, since taking care of the depressed people, is considered as the noble task.

Some special children would be having talents in drawing, painting, singing and dancing, and it is based on the proper training given to them. Whenever a special child was born to the parents, the parents must not get upset, and considertheir child as one the holiest children in the world, and must be treated with great love and affection.

Though special children cannot be completely relieved from their ailments, but to a certain extent, their sufferings can be reduced, and it can be done by providing proper medicines to them, and taking them to the temples, giving the holy Prasad to them, and make them to regularly worship Lord Child Krishna.

A picture of Child Krishna must be kept in the puja room and it must be decorated with flowers, and the parents must ask their special child to regularly perform puja to the divine child. In course of time, the child’s sufferings would be decreased, and gradually it may recover completely from its ailments.


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