SooraSamhara Moorthy | Lord Murugan as the Slayer of Asuras



Since Lord Muruga killed the demon Surapadman, he is also known as SooraSamhara Moorthy, and Lord Muruga is also known as Tarakasura Samhara Moorthy, since he killed the demon Tarakasura, the brother of Surapadman.

Once the demon Surapadman, has got great boons from Lord Shiva, since he meditated on Lord Shiva, for a long period of time. After acquiring supreme powers out of his boon, he made the mortals and the immortals as his slaves, and also tortured them severely. In order to put an end to his cruel rule, Lord Shiva created Muruga from his third eye spark, and at the appropriate time, Lord Muruga, defeated and also killed Surapadman and his brothers in the war. Lord Muruga had granted salvation to Surapadman by making him into his holy vehicle peacock.

The day on which Surapadman was killed by Lord Muruga is celebrated as Surasamharam, either in the Tamil month of Aippasi or Karthigai, with much joy and enthusiasm by the devotees of Muruga. The festival of Surasamharam, is celebrated grandly in South India, especially in Tiruchendur and also in most of the Temples of Lord Muruga.

Lord Muruga has slayed many demons while waging war with Surapadma along with the help of his divine attendant, Veerabahu Bhagavan. Lord Muruga is considered as a very beautiful and lovely god, and most of the Hindu women used to observe fasting on Skanda Shasti festival day, in order to get the blessings of Lord Muruga. Since Muruga was born from the fire spark of Lord Shiva, he would burn our bad habits like lust, anger and greed and would boost more and more spiritual energy into our soul.

Lord Muruga is also known as “SHAKTI MAINDA”, the son of Ma Shakti Devi, as “SHIVA KUMARA”, the son of Lord Shiva, “YANAI MUGAN SAHODARA”, brother of Lord Vinayaka, “MAYIL VAHANA”, having peacock as his divine vehicle, “VELAVA”, the one who has obtained the holy spear from his mother Ma Shakti Devi.

Lord Muruga is the killer of our various diseases and would remove fear and unwanted thoughts from our mind. He removes the illusions from our mind, and would give self-consciousness to us. Lord Muruga is also called by various other names like Senthil Andavar, Kumaran, Muthuvela, ValliManavala, Senathipati, Karthikeya, Shanmuga, Saravana, Vadivela, Kathirkama and Arumuga.


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