Velayudha Moorthy | Lord Muruga wielding ‘Vel’ weapon



Lord Muruga is also known as Sri Velayudha Moorthy, since he received the Vel (Divine Spear) from his mother Ma Shakti Devi in order to win in the battle,which was held between him and the Demon Surapadman. The day in which Muruga received the Vel from his mother, is celebrated as Thaipusam festival in Tamil Nadu.

Lord Muruga is also known as “KULANDAISAMY”, child god, “THAGAPPANSAMY”, born out of the third eye spark of Lord Shiva, “KANDASAMY”, protects his devotees, “SEVARKODIYON”, one who has the “ROOSTER” image on his flag, “VEERABAGUTHOZHA”, friend of Lord Veerabahu, the commander-in-chief of Lord Muruga’s army, “VANAVARKON”, chief among the Devas, and contains more powers than that of Lord Brahma and Indra, “AZHAGA”, beautiful one, “ARUMAI PUDALVA”, the best son of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, “OMKARAME”, one who teaches the meaning of “OM” mantra, to his father Lord Shiva, “ARUNAGIRI ANUGRAHA MOORTHY”, one who saved Sri Arunagirinathar, when he tried to commit suicide, “SOLVENDA”, one who delivers nice speech, “TAMILKADAVULE”, the god of Tamil language, “GNANA PAZHAME, the god who is praised as an “ENLIGHTENED FRUIT”, by the Tamil Saint, Ma Avvaiyar, “ISAI PRIYA”, the god who likes music.

The purpose of Muruga’s birth is to destroy the evil and to protect the good ones. Since Surapadman was supposed to be killed only in the hands of Lord Muruga, he was born out of the third eye spark of Lord Shiva. The Divine weapon “SPEAR” also known as “VEL” in Tamil, contains the powers equivalent to Lord Muruga, and that’s why, in some of the temples of Lord Muruga, the divine spear is installed in the main shrine, in place of the idol of Lord Muruga, and puja would be done for that divine spear.

Some of the ancient Chettiars were ardent devotees of Lord Muruga, and due to their love and affection on the warrior god Muruga, they used to name their sons as “VELAYUDHAM”, “VELSAMY”, “VELU”, “VADIVELA”. The piercing of the Vel on the body parts of the Muruga devotees is practicable throughout the world, especially during Thaipoosam festival, and at that time, the devotees would raise their voice, and they would shout in a high pitch sound, “VADIVELAVANUKKU AROHARA”, “VALLIMANAVALANUKKU AROHARA”


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