Significance of idol worship (Vigraharadhana)

A detailed account of the purpose which an idol, installed with due consecration, serves, the material with which it is made and the mode of performing worship and all other factors which go to revere this replica of the Lord as he resides in Heaven, have been presented by great spiritual leader in one of his masterly works.

Among the 37 mighty contributions by Sri Madhavacharya, the “Tantra Saara Sangraha” will fetch benefits to a devotee and will shower on him, Bills, here and hereafter.

Sri Sathyapramoda Thirtha of Uttaradhi math in a discourse pointed out that Madhwacharya’s philosophy is not idolatrous. At the time of consecration, the powers of the deity to be worshipped have to be invoked and infused into the idol, through the chanting of the mantras.

A devotee is not expected to worship an idol made of gold or any other metal, bought from a shop. Consecration is necessary to ensure sanctity. The Tantra Saara Sangraha gives a devotee, as many as 72 mantras, each one assigned to a deity. Uttered with devotion, every one of them will give secular and spiritual beneficiations.

A valid scripture, the Tantra Saara Sangraha projects the glory of the Lord. The fruit of upholding the directives given there in is Salvation. A question may be asked whether a work of this nature written by a saint (in flesh and blood) can serve as an authority. This work is but shortened text of vyasa’s bigger one. The author has a complete comprehension of the subject he presents, and desires that the contents be of use to devotees. The Acharya is the beloved of God. He is anxious to impart knowledge to his disciples.

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  1. Pakshalika says:

    bagavat geeta sloka on vigraharadhana not to be done