Ma Shakti’s Merciful Love towards her Children

Shakti Peethas

Shakti Peethas

Ma Shakti Devi’s merciful love towards her children cannot be explained in words, since she showers her unconditional mercy on us like the heavy rain. In the Devi Bhagavatha Mahatmya, Ma Shakti Devi is mentioned as “KARUNAMAYEE”, the merciful goddess. She showers mercy even to the bad natured demons like Andhaka, the cousin to our great Bhakta Prahalada.

Once when Demon Andhaka wanted to marry Ma Shakti Devi, he was punished by Lord Shiva, and when he was about to be killed in the hands of Lord Shiva, it was our merciful mother Ma Shakti Devi, who has stopped that act, and also recommended Shiva to make him to serve as a Divine Attendant in Mount Kailash. She has done favour even to the wicked demons like Andhaka, since she considered him only as her loving son, and not as her enemy. Likewise in many instances, Ma Shakti Devi showered her unconditional love towards her devotees, and she used to even change the mind of the bad natured people in order to make them into one of her best devotees.

Those who worship Lord Shiva must also worship Ma Shakti Devi, by considering her to be our beloved mother. Those who contains bad habits like lust, anger and fear, must worship Ma Shakti Devi in order throw away their bad habits in the dust bins. Ma Shakti Devi used to recommend to Lord Shiva, whenever we are in bad shape, similar to our mother recommending to our father, and she would remove our sorrows to her maximum possible extent.

Our human life is subject to frequent changes, and it contains full of miseries and sorrows!Even we didn’t know when we would land up in troubles? Though there are lot of remedial measures to come out from our problems, but, we are not interested to try those things! Worshipping and calling our Divine mother, Ma Shakti Devi seeking for her help, is one such kind of methods to escape from our problems. Once if we start worshipping Ma Shakti Devi regularly, then she would shower her ocean like mercy on us, so that, thereafter we would never complain to her about our problems.

If even foreigners start worshipping our wonderful mother Ma Shakti Devi, then why we hesitate to worship her! Some of her devotees worship her only during Aadi month, by considering it to be an auspicious month. But she must be worshipped on the entire twelve months in a year, since our each day must be considered to be the day which belongs to our Ma Shakti Devi. In one of the nice Amman Tamil Songs, the singer used to sing, “I consider the entire Tamil months as Aadi, since Aadi month is considered to be the famous month for Shakti Devi worship”.

In Ramayana, when Rama and Sita stayed in the forest during exile term, Indra’s son Jayanta took the form of a crow, and insulted Ma Sita due to bad intention. Due to that, he was punished by Rama, since Rama has invoked the powerful Brahmastra on a handful of grass by uttering the Mantra of Brahmastra, and, when Brahmastra was about to attack Jayanta, it was Ma Shakti Devi who appeared before him, and asked him to seek apology to Rama. Jayanta did like that, escaped from death, and Brahmastra had removed only one of his eyes.

Hence let us keep pure Bhakti on Ma Shakti Devi, by chanting the powerful Shakti Devi Mantras, and also let us continuously chant her various names, also called as “NAMAVALI” and let us be blessed.


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