Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the positive thinking about our skills, abilities, qualities and intelligence. It means accepting ourselves that we are having great control in our life, and by knowing our strengths and weakness,we have to set the goals, for getting the desired results in our life.

If we have low level of self-confidence then we would lose our strength and courage. For developing more self-confidence, we have to adopt certain measures in our life like punctuality, discipline and will power. We have to adjust others, and must talk politely even during the times of hearing the hated speeches of others.

We must have to cultivate the habit of telling within ourselves like “I am fine, I am Ok, I am a confident person, I am having the capacity to do even the toughest job in my office, I don’t have any enemies in my life, and even if I have enemies in my future, through my kindness, I would make them as my best friends”. Like that, we have to keep on saying at least once in a day before the mirror.

Our great Mahatma Gandhi was a self-confident person, and due to that, India had obtained freedom. John Kennedy, the ex-president of USA, had suffered from lot of health issues during his life time, but since he has lot of self-confidence within him, he was able to run his life, without much mental sufferings.

Most of the saints had self-confidence in their mind, and due to that only, they were able to develop their religion. Lord Buddha was insulted by many people when he was going for alms. But even then he didn’t scold anyone, but increased his self-confidence.

Our politicians even if they lose in the elections, would never lose their self-confidence, but instead of that, they would make more plans for their next victory.

Nowadays most of the students after finishing their B.E.Exams, if they didn’t get proper jobs in their respective field, then they are choosing jobs in a different field, and trying to stick into that. Even in case of love failures and divorces, most of the people didn’t worry about that, and they are developing the self-confidence within them, and patiently waiting for their next suitable match.

We would have read in ancient Hindu texts, about the penance performance by many demons and rishis for several thousands of years even without taking proper food and water. This was made possible for them, only due to their self-confidence.

Similarly we have to develop the self-confidence within us, and whatever god has given to us in our life we have to accept it whole heartedly and must thank him throughout our life.


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