Missing point in the modern civilization, What Today’s society is lacking

No matter how nicely a machine is developed, example: Computer, television etc, without a living being’s touch, it is useless. Similarly, the body, which is like a big machine, is wonderful so long the soul is there. And as soon as the soul is out it is a lump of matter. So we are giving importance to the machine, not to the person who is dealing with the machine.

This is the folly of modern civilization. Our perception is like that of a child, “The machine is working independently.” But that is not the fact. The big airship, 747, is flying because the pilot is there, and the pilot is a soul, covered by another bodily machine. And that is missing point in the modern civilization, that who is working with the machine…

Watch this video excerpt from Srila Prabhupada’s conversation with Dr. John Mize recorded on June 23, 1975 at Los Angeles, USA.

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