Focus on Your Work, You can win the World

You can win the world by just focusing on your work.. just by concentrating on what you are doing presently. Being completely absorbed in the moment, you can understand any sort of tough issues with a great ease. This is a spiritual mantra given us by Sri Srila Prabhupada, the Founder of ISKCON.

So much of the stress that we experience has to do with our minds being in too many places at the same time.

When you have a strong presence you are completely absorbed in the moment and the people you are with sense that you are truly “right there” with them, fully present. Your mind isn’t drifting somewhere else. Instead, you are focused on what’s going on and you are truly listening to what is being said. All of your energy is focused on the person who is talking to you.

Being present eases our stress because our minds are drawn back to this particular moment, fully attentive to the task at hand. We begin to operate at an optimal mental pace with near perfect concentration. Although we are working smarter and more effectively, we become calmer and more relaxed.

Our stress is further reduced because of the increased enjoyment we experience. It’s difficult to experience genuine satisfaction when your mind is too busy, scattered here and there, thinking about three or four things at once. Yet when your mind is focused, when you are fully present and engaged, your world comes alive. Every day, ordinary experiences are seen in a new light.

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