Seeking help from the God

Help means to do in favour of something to someone in order to make their task easier, as well as to support them. Help is to be done in a selfless manner. If we help a beggar by giving him food, we should not expect his “THANKS” from him.

Some people would help their friends in getting a good job, and after they get that job, they would expect praise from them. But in today’s world, even if we help others, we cannot expect any appreciation from them. If we have the intention to help them, then we must have to help them sincerely, and must forget about that help. Then only we would be peaceful in our life.

Instead of seeking help from others, we can seek help from the great almighty itself, since he is waiting before us, in order to provide his support to us. Lord Krishna also tells in his Bhagavat Gita, “I am always ready to help you, but you have to call me by chanting my names,in order to provide help to you, in times of need”.

We can also help others, by thinking it as a good act. At any cost, we should not expect the returns/rewards/appreciation from those people who received our help. In order to get a proper clarity in this regard, we must have to read Lord Krishna’s Bhagavat Gita. In his Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna tells, “do your duty, help others in my name. Think that, you are not directly helping others, only through me, you are helping them. I am the activating force of you, I am the doer of the things, and with my insistence only you are helping others. Don’t expect anything from those people who received your help. Since you are supposed to help them, you are helping. That’s all”.

Like that, if we read Bhagavan Krishna’s Bhagavat Gita fully, we would get good clarity in all kinds of matters.

Some people would get fear in helping others. When a person is injured, most of the people would hesitate in helping him. Since, they would think that doing such an activity would create troubles in their life, like visiting the police station, answering to the enquiries of the police like that. Some people would doesn’t want to help the oppressed and the suppressed people, since according to them, they are all born in the lower class, due to their bad karmas, and let them suffer for their sins why I must worry for them like that they would think.

But whenever we decide to help others, like when a person met with an accident, we should not turn backwards. If should pray to the almighty, and immediately we have to help them at our level best. Since, by helping others, through the grace of the almighty, someone would help us, during our toughest period.


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