Savitri Upanishad PDF Download, Savitri Upanishath

Savitri Upanishad, one of the 16 Upanishaths in the Sama Veda, is here to download for free in PDF format. Savitri Upanishad explains the energy and power of five primordial elements on the Earth.

The first slokam itself exemplifies the theme and concept of this Upanishad which states as “Who is Savitar, who is Savitri ? Who is Savitar, who is Savitri ? Agni is Savitar, earth is Savitri. Where there is Agni there is earth and where is earth there is Agni.

The two are causes forming one pair. Varuna alone is Savitar, water – Savitri. When there is Varuna etc., they are the sources, forming a pair.”

Download Savitri Upanishad PDF for free

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  1. Bhoumik says:

    pdf file of savithri written by sri auro