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Sankranti Rituals & Celebrations in Andhra Pradesh

Makara Sankranthi is the biggest festival in Andhra Pradesh. Gobbemmalu, Kite flying, Gangireddu & Haridasu, Bhogi Pandlu, Bhogi Mantalu (bonfire), etc are the important rituals and celebrations in Andhra Pradesh. This festival is celebrated for four days – starting from Bhogi..

Sankranti Pongal / Milk boiling

Sankranti Pongal / Milk boiling

Gobbemmalu are cow dung balls which are kept on Muggu (Rangoli), which is designed to invite prosperity and bliss into the house. Gobbemmalu are decorated with pasupu (turmeric powder), Kumkuma (red vermion powder) and with several grain types. They are also decorated with flowers (garlands).

Boiling Milk:
It is a great tradition to boiling milk in a small earthen pot until some of the milk spills over. It is believed that the direction of spilling milk may direct the familys future in that particular year.

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