Sankranthi Bommala Koluvu | Bommala Nomu during Sankranti

Sankranti Bommala Koluvu no-watermark

Sankranti Bommala Koluvu no-watermark

Bommala Koluvu, Bommala Nomu is one of the popular traditions in Andhra Pradesh during Makara Sankranti. Sankranti Bommala Koluvu begins a day prior to Bhogi and ends on Mukkanuma with the observance of Bommala Nomu.

Married women and unmarried girls arrange the dolls in order and invite other women and girls to their houses to see Bommala koluvu. Nowadays, a lot of organizations, TV channels, and Newspapers are setting up contests for bommala koluvu to select best one and give away prizes.

In 2023, Bommala Nomu date is January 17.

Along the Bommala koluvu, Sankranti muggulu are also popular among women folk in the state. Thousands of competitions are held during Sankranti for rangoli designs. Women participate enthusiastically in these types of events.

It is also celebrated in Tamil Nadu during Pongal as ‘Pongal Bommai Kolu’.

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  1. Sreya says:

    this year i would like to setup bommala koluvu, can you please help me to find out which bommalu we have to keep as compulsary. do we need to keep on God’s bommalu or anything we can keep ? please give your inputs

  2. Vanavil Kalaikoodam says:

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  3. Purnima says:

    Is there a story behind setting up Bommala koluvu during Sankranthi?