Sankranthi Bommala Koluvu | Bommala Nomu during Sankranti

Bommala Koluvu, Bommala Nomu is one of the popular traditions in Andhra Pradesh during Makara Sankranti. Sankranti Bommala Koluvu begins a day prior to Bhogi and ends on Mukkanuma with the observance of Bommala Nomu. Married women and unmarried girls arrange the dolls in order and invite other women and girls to their houses to […]

Navarathri Golu | Navaratri Bommai Kolu | Dasara Bommai Golu in Tamil Nadu

navaratri bommai golu

Navarathri Golu, Bommai Kolu during Navaratri or Dasara is a customary ritual in Tamil Nadu and some parts of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. In 2019, Navarathri Bommail Golu starts on September 29 and ends on October 8 with Dasara festival. It is an exhibition of various dolls and images in odd numbered rows and […]

Deepavali Bommala Koluvu: Exhibition of dolls during Deepavali in Andhra Pradesh

Bommala Koluvu is a jubilant ceremony celebrated during Deepavali in Andhra Pradesh. Bommala Koluvu is a popular event during Dasara and Makara Sankranthi. It is an exhibition of various dolls and idols. In Telugu, Bommalu means dolls or toys and koluvu is an arrangement. Bommai Kolu is the Tamil name for Bommala Koluvu and Golu […]

Get Navarathri Golu Dolls Online – Online Buying Store for Navaratri Bommai

Now, you can get Navarathri Golu dolls or Navaratri bommai for bommai kolu through online. This service is provided by Hasvini, an exclusive online store for dolls of Gods, Goddesses, and other items for Navratri bommai kolu. Hasvini’s goal is to bring those special things to you that you miss the most! Whether it is […]