Human Desires

Human desires are the root cause of the positive and negative occurrences in the life of the people. Good desires such as studying well and scoring good marks in the exams, and aiming to become an engineer or doctor or a lawyer is a good desire. Whereas developing habits like lust, anger, fear and earning money through illegal activities is not considered as good.

Most of the problems are created due to the bad desires of the people. These habits would spoil the lives of the people, and they would be collapsed at their final stages of life.

In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says, bad desires such as lust must be eliminated from the minds of the people, in order to avoid doing bad karmas. Mostly bad desires would be formed in the minds of the teenage people, and it should be controlled at the beginning stage itself.

People in the age group of 15-20, must be carefully watched and monitored by their parents and their teachers, and they must be given proper advises, and their attention must be diverted in doing spiritual and social service activities, along with their regular studies.

Parents must teach their children at their young age itself, about the good things and the bad things in the world, and the ways of leading a proper disciplined life. Similar to Narada, who taught about the supremacy of the great Lord Vishnu to Prahalada, when he was in the womb of his mother Kayadu, Pregnant mothers must study spiritual books, and discuss about spiritual matters, in order to get delivered a noble child.

Recently we have heard about the news of a Nagarkoil young chap, who had destroyed the lives of several girls, and he still appears in a heroic look. This was happened, since he was not properly brought up by his parents. Hence let the parents, and especially the mothers teach good things to their child, and prepare their children to become a great Bhakta Prahlada or Dhruva.


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