Rudraprayag Rudranath Temple – One of Panch Prayag, Panch Kedar

Rudraprayag Rudranath Temple is situated at Rudraprayag, the confluence of rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda, in Uttarakhand state of India. Lord Shiva is worshipped here in Rudraprayag, the third of five Kedars and one of Panch Prayag. The face of lord Shiva is worshipped here. This temple is 2286 meters above the sea level and requires a 18 kilometer, a not so easy, trek. The temple is surrounded by a lot of holy ponds and kunds – Suryakund, Chandrakund, and Tarakund. Close by to the temple is the place where Narad, a sage from heavens meditated.

The place around the temple is very enchanting presenting some great views of Hathiparvat, Nanda Devi, and Nanda Ghunti. There is another temple of Anasuya Devi close by, three kilometers ahead. Devotees throng Rudranath temple to offer homage to the dead since it is believed that the soul of the dead passes from Rudraprayag here at Vaitarani river (the water of salvation) while changing world.

Shravan Maas Shiva Puja, Kartik Month Shiva Puja, Magh Maas & Maha Shivaratri are the major festivals celebrated at Rudraprayag Temple.

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