Rudra Sampradaya

Vishnuswami was a saint and the founder of the Rudra Sampradaya. He was born in a wealthy family, and he belongs to Brahmin community.

The Rudra Sampradaya is based on the Vaishnava Sampradaya, who mainly worships Lord Vishnu and his avatars as the supreme deities. According to Rudra Sampradaya, Lord Shiva had got the divine knowledge from Lord Vishnu, and he is considered as the foremost follower and the disciple of Lord Vishnu.

This Sampradaya is believed to have been formed during the 13th century AD. The followers of this Sampradaya are residing in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The principles of this Sampradaya were preached by Sri Vallabhacharya during the 15th century AD.

The followers of the Rudra sampradaya are called as Vishnuswamis, and Vallabhas, since both of these great saints have spread the importance of Rudra Sampradaya throughout the masses during their period.


1. Lord Vishnu is the supreme god and he is residing in the holy Vaikunta.

2. Through his great powers, Lord Vishnu is protecting the entire universe.

3. All other deities are considered only as the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, and they cannot be compared equivalent with Lord Vishnu.

4. After the end of each Yuga, Lord Vishnu is destructing the entire universe, and then creating a new universe, through his abnormal powers.

5. All the saints, rishis and even the gods like Shiva and Brahma are chanting the holy names of Lord Vishnu, in order to get his grace.

6. There is no beginning and end for Lord Vishnu, and he would exist even during the time of deluge.

7. By chanting the divine mantras and the holy names of Lord Vishnu, we can reach his abode, and can enjoy the eternal bliss.

8. We must realize that Lord Vishnu dwells in the souls of each and every person.

9. Even if we perform simple puja to Lord Vishnu, we would be able to get his grace.



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