Nandinatha Sampradaya

Nandinatha Sampradaya is formed mainly for propagating the holiness of Lord Shiva amongst the masses, and for cultivating the habit of doing meditation and yoga by the people. It is also related with the Nath Sampradaya. The present pontiff of the Nandinatha Sampradaya is Bodhinatha Veylanswami. This sect is very popular among Tamil Hindus.

The Nandinatha Sampradaya was started before 2200 years ago, and it was founded by the great Rishi Nandinatha. Nandinatha had several disciples, and the best among them are Sanatkumar, Sanakar, Sanadanar, Sananthanar, Shivayogamuni, Patanjali, Vyaghrapada, and Tirumular. He sent them throughout the world to spread the teachings of Shaivism. Some of his disciples went to China also, in order to spread the philosophies of Shaivism.

Patanjali has written various texts on Yoga. By properly learning his yoga concepts, we would be even able to float in the air.

Tirumular wrote the famous text Tirumantiram, and still Tirumantiram is chanted in various temples of Tamil Nadu. This text covers the entire details about the Nandhinatha Sampradaya. It also asks us to frequently recite the Amirtha Mantra: “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”.

The teachings of the Nandinatha Sampradaya, is very simple, and it insists us to regularly worship Lord Shiva and to live a holy life. The holy Gurus of this Sampradaya have seen the divine vision of Lord Shiva in their soul itself, and they attained the divine bliss. Through their miraculous powers they have healed the diseases of their devotees, and made them to realize the presence of Lord Shiva everywhere in this earth. They also moved softly and gently with their disciples and followers, and considered all of their devotees as their children.

The Nandinatha Sampradaya Kailasa Parampara is situated in U.S.A. and a temple is also constructed. The saints of this Sampradaya are spreading the teachings through the Himalayan Academy and the “Hinduism Today” magazine.


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