Nimbarka Sampradaya (Hamsa Sampradaya)

The Nimbarka Sampradaya also popularly known as the Hamsa Sampradaya, is a Vaishnava Sampradaya. It was founded by Sri Nimbarka, a 7th century saint, and this sampradaya is based on dvaita and advaita philosophies. The teachings of this sampradaya are based on becoming a part of the god, and not becoming a part of the god.

The Sampradaya teachings were told by Rishi Narada to Nimbarka.  Sri Narada Rishi learnt about this sampradaya from the SanathKumaras, who were the foremost sons of Lord Brahma. Narada is the main saint who propagated the Vishnu Bhakti throughout the universe, since he usually wanders from one place to another place.


1. God can be realized through our soul, by keeping our sincere devotion on the almighty.

2. Merging with the god is very difficult, since human beings used to do both good as well as bad deeds.

3. In order to attain salvation, we have to pass through many hardships in our life, and we have to take numerous births.

4. Even the great sages are reaching the divine worlds only after spending thousands of years in doing meditation on the god.

5. Jeevatma and Paramatma both are different aspects. A Jeevatma becoming a Paramatma is very difficult, but it can be made possible, by the way of keeping our sincere faith on the god, in a selflessness manner.

6. In order to attain the grace of the god, we should always keep him in our mind, and we should not forget him even for a single second.

7. Kindness, generosity and gentleness must be shown to others.

8. We must realize that we were born in this earth, mainly for worshipping the god, and to realize his greatness.

9. Chant the divine names of the god, and sing and dance with happiness and enthusiasm.


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