Rhinoceros | Maa Dhavdi’s Vehicle

Maa Dhavdi on Rhinoceros vehicle

Maa Dhavdi on Rhinoceros vehicle

Rhinoceros is the divine vehicle of Maa Dhavdi, an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. There is a temple dedicated to Maa Dhavdi in Dhrangadhra, Gujarat.

She holds Trishul and various other weapons in her three hands, and blesses us in one hand.
Rhinoceros are considered as wild animals and mostly found in dense forests and in the zoo. Though they are considered as wild, they never cause harm to us, and are considered as gentle animals. They would consume fruits, grasses, leaves and vegetables. Generally they are considered as lazy and slow moving animals, but during the times of dangers, they would run at a greater speed. In some villages of Africa, rhinoceros are hunted for the purpose of meat.

Rhinoceros must be protected from killing, and they must be carefully safeguarded by the people. People who hunt rhino would suffer from lot of problems, and they would lose their peace of mind, and unnecessary tensions and worries would always prevail in their mind throughout their life.

Let us worship Mata Dhavdi and be blessed.

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