Retirement for God

Does god retire from his position? Is it possible for a new god to occupy the position of the previous god? For how much period does god would do this type of creation and destruction work? Is there is an end for the creation activity? For how many years we must have to suffer in this earth?

This is the question of most of the people in the earth! Due to our own sufferings sometimes we also may raise this question. Actually there is no end for the god, and we can know about it in detail by reading the Bhagavat Gita Teachings of Lord Krishna.

The present god, we can refer him as our beloved Lord Krishna, who would be in this universe even after the completion of several Yugas, and he himself has told about it for several times. Hence, there is no retirement for the god. Ordinary people like us would retire from our job and one day we would retire from this world itself! In general, we would think that why god didn’t stop his creation activity at least for some time, and why he didn’t make us to lead a peaceful life at least in some other planet. Even during the end of the Dwapara Yuga, only the Dwaraka city and few other places were submerged into the ocean, and rest of the places in the earth were left unharmed, they didn’t submerge, and immediately the present Kali Yuga was started.

Why god is not allowing us to stay peacefully at least during the time of destruction, and why he is continuously making us to live in this difficult world?

Lord Krishna clearly gives answers for all of these types of questions in his Bhagavat Gita.
“Oh My dear Arjuna, it is my duty to create and destroy the world, and hence, I am doing my duty perfectly. No one can question about my act, since whatever I do, it would be done only for the welfare of the living beings in the earth. I know about what to do, when to do, and why I should do. The reason for doing creation and destruction work, is, it also forms part of my work. Similar to the ordinary people whom they do their daily activity in their work places, I am also subject to do this sort of creation and destruction work, and there is no end for that. Even if a Yuga ends, then immediately another Yuga would get started, and it is being done according to the rules framed out by me.Only for the ordinary humans there is an end, whereas for me, there is no end, I would be alive even after the completion of several millions and millions of years, since I am the ultimate Brahman.

No one can escape from my watchful eagle eyes. I would give the correct results to the people based on their karmic deeds. My aim is not to make the people to suffer in this world, and I don’t like it so. People must behave properly, and must do lot of good things in their life, in order to reach my feet. Just blaming me for their own problems would not make any changes in their life. Hence instead of cursing me, and instead of getting confused about unnecessary things, let them chant my name, my mantras, my songs, so that, I would help them to know about the reason for my creation, protection and destruction activities.

The enlightened sages would know about everything, similar to me, since they keep concentrating me alone, and they entirely surrender on me. Hence forget about my activities, and instead of that, try to keep your entire thoughts on me, in order to get good knowledge about my activities and about the reason for my existence in this world”.


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