Lalkitab Remedies for Mercury in 10th house

Lalkitab Remedies for Mercury in 10th house, Budha in 10th House – Lalkitab remedies.

When Mercury is in 10th house, if the native is addicted to liquor and meat, Saturn will become malefic and will be the cause of his destruction.

Mercury will give effects according to Saturn.

The native will suffer till the 43rd year and Rahu and Ketu will also become malefic.

Saturn will be twice effective and when it is malefic it will cause the death of Father.

When House No. 8 is malefic, Mercury will become twice malefic and will make the native troubled and worried. It may even cause loss of eyesight.

Lal Kitab remedies for Mercury in 10th House

The native should strictly stay away from consumption of eggs, meat and liquor. Whenever possible he should offer rice and milk in religious places. You should also consider the remedy of Saturn to get the positive effects.

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