Gurudev Ramlal Ji Siyag | Siddha Yoga Guru

Shri Ram Lal (1926-2017) was a spiritual saint who lived in Rajasthan, and was considered as a great Yoga Master. He has awakened the Kundalini Shakti to several people through his proper training. He was a great Ram and Hanuman Devotee, and chanted the Rama Mantra for several lakhs of times during his life time. He has learnt the concepts of Yoga from various scholars, and healed the diseases of the people through Yoga Therapies.

According to him, “People generally suffer from diseases due to their lapse of self-control, and it can be rectified, only by doing meditation and yoga”. Apart from yoga, he was a social service enthusiast, and done lot of charitable works. He was considered as a man of wisdom, courage and purity.

He had given Shaktipat Diksha to his disciples and followers and made them to realize the inner self. He was good at meditation, and he also removed the diseases of the people by reciting continuously the Rama Nama Mantra Japam.

He has established the Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra (AVSK) in Rajasthan for spiritual aspirants. He also spread the Shaiva Siddantha Philosophy throughout India, and invoked the “SHIVA BHAKTI SPIRIT” in the minds of the people.

After rendering noble service for many years, he died during the year 2017. Though presently he is not available, his services rendered to the society cannot be forgotten by his followers, disciples and well-wishers.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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