Swami Dev Murti Ji

Swami Dev Murti Ji (20th century) is a spiritual and a Yoga Master who had trained under his Guru Yoga Maharishi Swami Vishwanath Yati Ji Maharaj.

Dev Murti Ji was interested in seeking spiritualism at his young age itself, and used to visit various temples situated nearby his home. Due to his interest in Yoga, he went to lot of foreign countries during 1980’s, and taught the yoga concepts to the people.

Dev Murti Ji was gifted with a house and a car by his rich students at England. He has converted the home into International Yoga Centre. And he used the car for going to spiritual places.

Swami Dev Murti was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and performed meditation on Shiva, and got great spiritual powers through that.


1. Brahmacharya.

2. Vegetarianism.

3. Religion.

4. Kriya Yoga.

5. Pranayama.

6. Meditation.


1. Through proper training in yoga, anything can be achieved.

2. Strict discipline is a must to lead a noble life.

3. Duty is deity.

4. Work is worship.

5. Work hard and gain more.

6. To control stress, do frequent meditation.

7. Be kind and honest with others.

8. Provide your selfless service to the society.

9. Wisdom and courage can be achieved only through your good behaviour.

Let us praise the noble guru.


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