Yoga Guru Venkatasami Rao

Venkatasami Rao (1868-1922), who is popularly known as Master C.V.V, was a Yoga Guru and a saintly person, and he served as the chief in the Kumbakonam Municipal Council for some years, and after that, since he was interested in doing Yoga service, he has rendered yoga service for the wellness of the general public, and also shown lot of interest in spirituality.

Venkatasami Rao was born in the year 1868 in Kumbakonam, in an Orthodox Iyengar Brahmin family. He was born and brought up by his aunt who educated him. He has completed his basic education in Kumbakonam, and also completed his higher studies in Srirangam. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, and also worshipped the Vishnu Bhagavathas like Ramanuja, Madhwa, Prahalada, Dhruva and Narada. He insists his followers to worship the Bhagavathas similar to Bhagavan Vishnu, since he considered both the Bhagavathas and the Bhagavan as one and the same.

He had married to a pious girl at his young age, and out of the marriage, he had children.Master C.V.V was interested in Yoga Concepts, and hence he introduced a new Yoga System for the benefit of the health enthusiasts and the general public under the name of “BhriktaRahita Taraka Raja Yoga”, and it is also called as “Electronic Yoga”, it is linked with spiritual concepts, and it was established in the year 1910 in order to give a fresh life to the people.

He is also praised by the people as the “FATHER OF MODERN YOGA”. Through his yoga classes, he has cured many dreaded diseases of the people, and also removed their mental sufferings.

Apart from practicing Yoga, he had asked the Yoga class participants, to do meditation, and also insists them to regularly worship the god, either in their homes, in the temples, or in their souls. Master CVV has asked his disciples to spread his new Yoga concepts amongst the people for their wellness. Though he has done lot of good things in his life, but he didn’t get pride, and he has dedicated everything on the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu, and considered him as the “SUPREME GOD”.


1. Practice Yoga and Meditation from your childhood itself.

2. Take care of your body by doing simple exercises regularly, and never forget to drink lot of water regularly.

3. Read the holy books written by our divine saints like Veda Vyasa, Adishankara and Madhwacharya, in order to remove the garbage from your mind.

4. Worship the Yogic Sage Pathanjali, in order to get his grace.

5. Remove the negative thoughts and fill up lot of positive thoughts in your mind.

6. You are the master for you, don’t get afraid of anything in this world, and show your utmost faith and devotion on the god.

7. Fear is our worst enemy, try to get rid from that.

He has also written various books on Yoga, and some of his important writings are as follows:

1. BhruktaRahita Raja Yogam

2. Electronic Yoga

3. Sri Sarvari

4. New Yoga Modules


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