Rahu Transit for Dhanu Rashi | 2022-2023 Rahu Peyarchi for Sagittarius



Rahu Transit 2022-2023 for Sagittarius, Rahu Peyarchi Palangal for Dhanu Rashi in 2022-2023, Results of Rahu Peyarchi for Dhanu Rashi – finance, health, family life, career, etc,.

Rahu will move into the 5th house for Dhanu Rashi on on 12 April 2022. Rahu transits into Aries (Mesha Rashi), this year. It will stay till October 2023 in Mesha Rashi.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

This Rahu Ketu transition will give mixed results for Dhanu Rashi people. If you have patience and can work hard, you will be able to overcome all the hurdles without any damage. In terms of career and finance, things are looking good provided you work hard and act thoughtfully when it comes to investment. Health can be little dicey with minor problems. Marriage and love life look alright if you have good patience to handle small issues.

Dhanu Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Health

You need to be slightly careful about minor health issues. The most important thing is to take care of existing illness with the help of proper treatment from experts. If you neglect your health, things can get complicated in the long run. Avoid eating outside food as much as possible and switch to a complete vegetarian diet to improve your health condition. Doing Yoga and chanting aditya hrudayam stotra is recommended for elderly people who suffer from chronic illness.

Dhanu Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Family

There are minor issues in your family life which can be easily handled if you are tactful. All you need is some patience to avoid arguments for small issues. Most issues will die on their own without creating any damage if you avoid arguments. Spend more time with your family and get the full support of your spouse to lead a comfortable life. You can even conduct auspicious events like marriage and house warming ceremony depending on the strength of other planets in your horoscope.

Dhanu Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Marriage

Singles born in Dhanu Rashi can expect to meet their life partner this year. All you need is some patience while listening to the guidance of elderly members in the family. If you are in a committed relationship, deal with things in a calm manner when you face some opposition. Remember that things will cool down on its own when you do not argue with other people. Consult your astrologer to fix the appropriate muhurat for such activities.

Dhanu Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Career

There is good growth in this year for Dhanu Rashi people as long as they are willing to put their best efforts. Your success will be proportional to the amount of hard work you put towards your career. You will get good appreciation from superiors and team members when it comes to your work. There are chances of good increment and promotion in your existing job. You can even think about changing job if you get better opportunities.

Dhanu Rashi – Rahu Transit Predictions 2022-2023 for Finance

There is no shortage of earnings this year and things will move on without much hurdles. The only thing you need to be careful is about speculative investments. This can give you good returns if you plan your actions carefully after consulting experts. However, be cautious as they can also give you losses if you blindly invest in wrong assets. Your business will also grow steadily without much hurdles this year.

Remedies :

Regularly chanting Vishnu Sahasranama and Hanuman Chalisa will bring good fortune and relief from problems.

Donate yellow colored food and clothes to poor and needy people on Thursday.

You can also donate turmeric to any temple on Thursdays.

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