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Dhanu Rashi 2022-2023 Predictions, Sagittarius Moon sign 2022-2023 predictions in Vedic Astrology. Dhanussu Rasi, Dhanu Rasi 2022-2023 Rasi Palan, Dhanu Rasiphalalu.

Dhanu Rasi (Sagittarius moon sign or Sagittarius zodiac sign) is the ninth among 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology.

Dhanu Rashi Shani Transit 2022-2023 Predictions

Moola Nakshatra – all 4 charans, Purvashada Nakshatram all 4 padas and Uttarashada 1st charan are categorized under Dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Those who born between November 23 and December 22 are the natives of Sagittarius Zodiac sign as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (Janma nakshatram).

As per Hindu calendar (Panchangam), the year 2022-2023 is Shubhakruth Nama Samvatsaram. It begins on Ugadi, 2 April 2022 and ends on 21 March 2023.

In Sauramana calendars of Tamil Nadu, Tulu Nadu of Karnataka, and some other calendars, Plava Nama Samvatsaram begins on April 14 and ends on April 14, 2023.

Aaya Vyaya (Income & Expenditure Ratio) for Dhanu Rashi in 2022-2023

Aaya = 2

Vyaya = 8

Rajapujya Avamana (Honor & Dishonor) for Dhanu Rashi in 2022-2023

Rajapujya = 6

Avamana = 1

As per the standard Panchangam 2022-2023, Ugadi 2022-2023 Panchanga sravanam details are given here.

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Graha Sancharam in 2022-2023 for Dhanu Rashi

This year Dhanu Rashi will have Guru (Jupiter) Movement in 4th House. Shani (Saturn) in 23rd and 2nd Houses in 2022-23. Due to the Shani’s favorable movement and Guru’s favorable movement, this year will be good time for Dhanu Rashi.

For Dhanu Rashi in year 2022-23, Rahu is in 5th House and Ketu is in 11th House.

Moola Nakshatra Predictions 2022-2023

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Uttarashada Nakshatra Predictions 2022-2023

Dhanu Rashi General Predictions 2020-2021

Dhanu Rashi people are likely to enjoy a good time this year with very few hurdles in most areas of life. The initial months of the year may not yield big results and you should not stress too much about such issues as things can get better in the second half of the year. While career will be smooth sailing, it is not worth putting too much efforts into your career goals. You should also focus on family life as this is what gives you happiness this year.

Dhanu Rashi 2022-2023 Finance Predictions

You need to be watchful about financial dealings this year as things are not looking great for most part of the year. You will have better chances of success when you include a partner in your business and there are chances of improved gains in business dealings. There is some hope for respite from financial issues in the last quarter of the year. Till then, you have to be careful about spending money on unwanted activities.

Dhanu Rashi 2022-2023 Family Predictions

Family life will be entertaining and there are chances of auspicious events in your home. If you have children of marriageable age, you are likely to find suitable alliances for them without putting much effort. Even otherwise, there is lot of happiness in the family and you should try to give more time to your family members. All the old conflicts will ease down on their own and you have to deal with them in a patient manner.

Dhanu Rashi 2022-2023 Career Predictions

People working in regular jobs will have a smooth sailing this year and there are chances of increment and promotion if you put the right efforts. You will get the complete cooperation of your team members and your superiors will be impressed with your performance. If you get better job opportuntiies in the second half of the year, you can even consider a chance of job for better earnings.

Dhanu Rashi 2022-2023 Health Predictions

There are no major issues in this regard unless you decide to spoil your health by indulging in unhealthy activities. Try to avoid eating outside food as much as possible to avoid any health issues this year. Your existing health issues will also get better with regular treatment and proper exercise. Spend more time with nature and do Yoga or other exercise to boost your overall health this year.

Dhanu Rashi 2022-2023 Education Predictions

This year is very good for students as there are big chances of succeeding in competitive exams. Students preparing for higher studies will find it easy to get admissions and you can excel in your career. All you need to do is to put the right kind of efforts and stay away from distractions to get success.

Dhanu Rashi 2022-2023 Marriage Predictions

This year is conducive for marriage and those people who are already in relationship can take it to the next level without much hurdles. If you are looking for a life partner, you are likely to find success in the initial months of the year. You will find it easy to get the right partner through your friends and family members.

Remedies :

  1. Visit any temple frequently. Respect elders.
  2. Chant Rama Raksha Stotram to mitigate negative effects and for beneficial results.
  3. Donate money to orphanages.
  4. Dakshinamurthy and Dattatreya are the deities for you to worship for this year.

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