Rahu in 7th House | Rahu in House of Marriage

Rahu in 7th House, Rahu in House of Marriage – what are effects of Rahu in 7th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Rahu is in 7th house the native will have wild thoughts and indulge in sexual activities. The scale of Mercury and Venus is turned upside down. The wife’s family will be affected. His friends will eat up most of his earnings.

If Mercury and Venus is in House No. 2-11, it will form an excellent fish line and he will enjoy highly royal position. If the native is attracted to other women then Ketu will become malefic. If the native is in the profession of Rahu, he will have lifelong danger.

Positive effects of Rahu in 7th house

The native will be wealthy but will have a disturbed married life. He will be a man of power and authority and will hold high rank in the society. Sun is always benefic. The in-laws and wife will be adversely affected.

Mercury and Saturn will be benefic and helpful and the native will gain respect and power from the government and superiors. His enemies will be destroyed and he will not have to seek help from anyone.

If Mercury and Venus are in House No. 2, 11 they will bring him good luck.

Negative effects of Rahu in 7th house

In a female horoscope if she is married in 21st year or before that there will be lot of trouble and lead to a divorce or death of the native herself. The same will be the case with a male if he marries at the age of 21 or before. Rahu, Venus and Mercury will all be malefic.

When the native adopts the profession of Rahu like electricity, police, his fortune will remain uncertain.

When Rahu transits 7th house in annual chart he should be extra cautious. If Mercury, Saturn or Ketu are in House No. 11, it will destroy the native.

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