Spiritual Quotes by Famous Sages & Saints

Spiritual Quotes by Famous Sages & Saints.. Spiritual quotes would boost our spiritual energy and invokes the bhakti spirit on our soul. Famous sages and saints like Sri Vedavyasa, Guru Raghavendra and Sri Shirdi Saibaba have written lot of spiritual quotes for the benefit of the people.

Since most of the people suffer a lot in their lives due to this dreaded Kali Yuga, in order to safeguard them from the clutches of Kali Purusha, these wonderful sages and saints have written the best spiritual quotes, and some of them are as follows.

1. There are several ways to spend our money. But the best method of spending our money is to donate generously towards noble activities.

2. Always stay away from the company of bad people, in order to avoid unnecessary problems in our lives.

3. Once our mind becomes pious, our actions would also become good.

4. God loves only those people who are good in nature.

5. Don’t ask useless questions to anyone, since people would consider you as a waste person.

6. Apart from worshipping Lord Vishnu, worship his staunch devotees also such as Prahalada, Dhruva and Narada.

7. Desires are the root cause of committing sins. Hence, always have limited desires, in order to reach the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu.

8. Don’t cheat anybody.

9. Always deliver nice speech, avoid unnecessary speeches in your life.

10. Maintain silence. Talk less and work more.

11. Unless you remove the worldly bondages, you cannot feel the divine presence of the god on your soul.

12. Getting human birth is very difficult. Hence utilise your birth properly by sincerely worshipping the great almighty.

13. Always behave with others in a gentle manner, and at any point of time, don’t show your anger before others.

14. Similar to the mother who properly protects her child on her womb, we also must protect the staunch devotees of the almighty from their enemies.

15. The nature of greed would generate lot of sins hence avoid these types of bad habits in your life.

16. If a person maintains his family by doing wrongful acts, he would have to surely go to the hell after his death.

17. By committing numerous sins in this present birth, in our next birth, we would be taking the births of plants, animals and birds.

18. Always walk on the path of righteousness.

19. Those who always look worriedly would not achieve anything in their life. Hence always act bravely, smartly and dutifully.

20. We must always lead a simple and a pure life.

21. We must seek refuge under the god since he is the one who would remove our worries instantly.

22. Only if we keep thinking about the god, we would get good peace of mind.

23. Those who run behind worldly things cannot attain the glory of the god.

24. We should possess a strong mind, or otherwise, we would keep on worrying about even small, small problems in our life.

25. Those who are able to control their senses would be able to realize the essence of spirituality in their life.

26. Our life is like a long journey. We should be very careful during our life journey.

27. Don’t evaluate people on the basis of their caste. Evaluate only their devotion towards god.

28. Those who kill others for their own welfare would have to face the consequences for their cruel acts.

29. Drink the essence of bhakti, chant the glories of the god, help others, be a good person in your life.

30. Keep doing meditation on god, donate things to others, and perform holy bath in the holy Rivers like Ganges, Yamuna and Narmada to cleanse your sins.

31. Chant the names of the god in order to get relieved from the chain of repeated birth cycles.

32. Those who are interested to climb up in the spiritual ladder would be able to attain sure success in their life.

33. There is no need to search for the god anywhere else, since he permanently dwells on your soul only, but realizing him is the most important thing.

34. Always remember that god is always good.


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