Purvabhadra Nakshatram: Poorvabhadra birth star Predictions

If you are born in Purvabhadra nakshatra Poorva Bhadrapada nakshatram (birth star constellations), you are categorized either under Kumbha rashi (Aquarius) or Meena rashi (Pisces zodiac sign), based on the pada of Poorvabhadra nakshatra.

The natives born in 1st or 2nd or 3rd padas are categorized under Aquarius and those who are born in 4th pada of poorva Bhadrapada nakshatra are categorized under the zodiac sign – Pisces. Your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics:

Physical Features:

As you are a native of Purvabhadra nakshatra, you will have a broad face and strong chest. Your well shaped body attracts others. Your great talkativeness keeps everyone’s attention at you. On a whole, you are a charming person with looks as well as words.


You are a broad minded person. You are respectable, and worship God and teachers. You have a great control over your senses. You are an expert in all kinds of works. You are a determined, stuborn, brave and soft spoken person.

You are a good speaker. As you are known for your different and revolutionary thinking, people may misunderstand you. But you are confident about your thoughts and opinions. You are extremely passionate in nature.

Some of your lives are full of hurdles. You should be careful of road and fire accidents and other injuries. You have a great ability to sway away the masses with your words. Due to this characteristic you will be treated as a radical.

Some of you are rich and powerful. You enjoy a resourceful life. You are easily attracted by the people of opposite sex. You are known for your risk taking ability and your smart thinking brings you out from tight deals.

Education and Profession:

As you like to be a social personality, you are very much interested to be a scholar in business, financial studies and industrial environment. As you are a good learner, you can accomplish your higher degree of education.

As you are a honest and innovative thinker, you are the favorite employee for your boss. Your boss trusts you a lot. You may strive hard to keep up your good work. All of your colleagues support you at your workplace. You can enjoy a wealthy life. You can become an efficient entrepreneur.

Careers Ideally Suited For You:

As you are a good analyst, research, business analysis, market reporting, financial consulting are your ideal career options. Medicine and travel are other best options for you because you are the person with a practical approach towards the profession.

Industrial management, Labor Laws and metal business are the other good career options for you to opt.

Family Life:

Most of you can enjoy a healthy childhood. Some problems are noticed in Purvabhadra nakshatra natives during the age of early 20’s. Your strong will power clears some of those problems.

You will get a good and loving life partner. Your life partenr takes care of you and your children with a great dedication. On a whole, you can enjoy a good family life.

Health Problems:

Some of you may suffer from the diseases related to ears. You are likely to suffer from the complaints such as diabetes, acidity and other abdominal disorders. Arthritis, and other bones and joints related diseases are noticed in most of the Purvabhadra natives. Blood Pressure is also a predominant disorder for some of you.

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  1. Pramod says:

    Dear prasanna Kumar,
    How did it turn out? Do u mind sharing with all of us?

    Purvabhadrapada sibling

  2. Cristoval Jesus says:

    No one can predict death date or time of death. No one has done so far. If it makes you happy I have this nakshatra as well. People with this nakshatra are obsessed or pre-occupied with death. So relax. Death will come when it will come. It comes to all. It comes when you least expect it. If you wish to die in Varanasi then you should live there to make sure you will die there.
    Cristoval Jesus.

  3. Raghavendra S Hegde says:

    3 Rd July 1980 birth time evening 4.30

  4. Somanath says:

    My dob 23/6/1954,pob arcot,Tob 0.45 early morning. My wife dob 21/8/1965,Tob 4.00 pm, pob Chennai please tell our death dateds

  5. Somashekar says:

    Sri i have born in 18-12-1985 time 14:05 how will be my life.and I am doing business



  7. Somanath says:

    I am aged 65 years and suffering from multiple illness like heart pain,diabetic,bp , knee pains and several financial problems. My dob 22/6/1954, Tob 12.45 midnight,pob arcot,Tamil Nadu my spouse dob 21/8/1965, Tob 4 pm,pob Chennai. Please tell our death dates for which I will be ever faithful to you.

  8. Aswathama says:

    “Purvabhadra” nakshatram in Tamil what to say?

  9. G.sowmya says:

    which is the best gemstone to wear for kumbha rashi, purvabhadra nakshathra

  10. Stella vyas says:

    Very correct interpretation of the poorvabhadra nakshtra born individual .