Exposed – Sagarika Ghose desparately trying to equate MODI & Kejriwal

Sagarika Ghose is caught trying to draw parallels between our esteemed PM and the chief minister of Delhi. However, we must say that it looks rather funny and everyone in the country knows the truth. Just take a look at some of the points she tries to make in her article.

Quotes from Sagarika Ghose article “Modriwal : Neta as a risk taker”

“Modi and Kejriwal both act out of the box”

“This risk taking boldness is a trait that the PM in fact shares with his prime adversary, Delhi CM Kejriwal”

“Both promised a new form of politics”

“They are similar in their ability to take creative risks”

“both PM and CM practise high visibility personality-driven politics and have the knack to zero in on issues that resonate instantly with the public”

“Both Modi and Kejriwal are unafraid to test new ideas; to this extent they are political entrepreneurs.”

“Kejriwal and Modi can both be described as authoritarian figures in their parties who use their individual drive and initiative to create new ideas.”

“driven by ambition and a desire to be change makers, both have shown the capacity to push for individually driven original ideas.”

While we appreciate your effort Sagarika, it is too much for even a kindergarden kid to believe the comparison. In short, your comparison looks like this…

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