Vijaya in Mahabharata | Wife of Sahadeva

As per the great epic Mahabharata, Vijaya was the daughter of the Madra king Dyutimata and she was the wife of Sahadeva. Their son was Suhotra. After the end of the Kurukshetra War, when Sahadeva was appointed as the king of Madra Kingdom, Vijaya and Suhotra lived along with him. Vijaya was a chaste, pious […]

Devapi, Immortal Sage in Mahabharata

Devapi is an immortal sage. According to the ancient texts, he was the eldest son of the King of Hastinapura. He was a pious and a good prince but since he was affected with leprosy, his younger brother Shantanu was declared as the king of Hastinapura. Shantanu ruled his kingdom in an efficient manner. And […]

Satyabhama | Satrajiti | Legend of Krishna & Satyabhama

Satyabama is the consort of Lord Krishna. She is believed to be an incarnation of Bhu Devi, the Goddess of Earth. She helped Lord Krishna in killing the demon king Narakasura. She also brought the divine wish fulfilling tree Kalpavriksha from the heaven with the help of Lord Krishna. Satyabama was the daughter of Yadava King Satrajit. And due […]

Unknown Facts about Ashwatthama


Ashwatthama is the son of Guru Drona and Kripi and the grandson of the Rishi Bharadwaja. He was born due to the divine grace of Lord Shiva. He fought on the Kaurava side against the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra War. Ashwatthama, is a famous character in the great epic Mahabharatha. Ashwatthama and his uncle (mother’s […]

Kripacharya | 4th Avatar of Brahma | One of 7 Chiranjeevis

Kripa who was also known as Kripacharya is an incarnation of Lord Brahma, and is also the main person in Mahabharata, and is considered to be one of the seven Chiranjivis. He was the son of Saradvan and Janapadi. He was adopted along with his sister Kripi by King Shantanu. Kripa learnt all kinds of […]

Drona | Dronacharya | Guru of Kauravas, Pandavas

In the epic Mahabharata, Drona also called as Dronacharya was the divine avatar of Lord Brahma and also the teacher of the Kauravas and Pandavas. He was the son of rishi Bharadwaja. He contains great knowledge in hindu scriptures and a master in all kinds of arts including handling powerful weapons during the battle field. […]

Lesser Known Characters in Mahabharata

Though we have might have read about lot of popular characters in Mahabharata, like the Pandavas, Krishna, Kauravas, Bhishma and Drona, yet the details about the great Bahlika Raja is mentioned only in a short manner. Bahlika Raja is considered to be the next birth of the great Bhakta Prahalada. Spiritual Writers can also publish […]

Rukmini | Consort of Krishna, Divine Incarnation of Lakshmi

Rukmini was the princess of Vidarbha and she was born in the holy city of Haridwar, and she is the consort of Lord Krishna. Due to the dislike with Krishna, her brother Rukmi arranged her marriage with Sishupala. But Lord Krishna fought with the kings and got married with Rukmini. She was mentioned in Bhagavata […]

Devaki Mata | Mother of Krishna

Devaki is the daughter of Devak, the sister of Kamsa, wife of Vasudeva  and the original mother of Lord Krishna. Since, king Kamsa had heard a divine voice from the sky that he is going to be killed by the eighth child of Devaki, he tortured them and killed their seven children, and put them […]

Queen Shashwathi in Mahabharata | Sister of Pandavas

Shashwathi was the daughter of Pandu & Madri and the sister of Pandavas. She married Dhristadyumna, the twin brother of Draupadi. She is believed to be an aspect Ma Svaha Devi, the consort of Lord Agni Deva, since Dhristadyumna is also considered to be an aspect of Lord Agni Deva. Shashwathi kindly treated Ma Draupati […]

Bhishma | Bhishma Janam Katha | Birth Story of Bhishma

In the epic Mahabharata, Bhishma was well known for his pledge of Celibacy. He was the eighth son of Kuru King Shantanu and the goddess Ganga. Bhishma was blessed with wish-long life and was related to both the Pandava and the Kaurava. He was an unparalleled archer and warrior of his time. He also handed […]

Satrajit | Yadava King, famous for his role in ‘Syamantaka Mani Story’

As per the holy Bhagavata Purana, Satrajit was born in the previous Dwapara Yuga, and he was a Yadava king. His daughter was Satyabama, an incarnation of Ma Bhudevi, and she married to Lord Krishna. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Surya Bhagavan, and in appreciation to his Bhakti, Lord Surya granted the Syamantaka […]

Babruvahana | Babhruvahana | Babhnu Vahana

Babruvahana is a character in the Mahabharata. He was the son of Arjuna and Chitrangada. Babruvahana was lived with his grandfather and also ruled the kingdom of Manipurawith his grandfather. He recognized Arjuna as his father only at a later stage in his life. Once when Arjuna went to Manipura in search of the sacrificial […]

Lakshmana | Daughter of Duryodhana

As per the famous epic Mahabharata, Lakshmana is the daughter of Duryodhana and Bhanumati, and her brother was Laxman Kumara. She was a noble and a beautiful woman,who was liked by both the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and she didn’t find any difference between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and she completely differs from her […]

King Pratipa | Pratipa in Mahabharata

Pratipa was the king of Hastinapur and he ruled it during the previous dwaparayuga. He was mentioned in the Mahabharata, and he was the father of Shantanu and his grandson is Bhishma. His parents were king Bhimasena and queen Sukumari. He was married to Sunanda and his sons were Shantanu, Devapi and Bahlika. He was […]

Shakuntala in Mahabharata | Wife of Dushyanta, Mother of King Bharata

According to Mahabharata, Shakuntala is the wife of Dushyanta and the mother of the great king Bharata. Poet Kalidasa has also written a text on the life history of Mata Shakunthala. Rishi Kanva found her in the forest as a baby, and he took her to his ashram and looked after her in a proper […]

Yudhishthira | Dharmaraja of Pandavas

Yudhishthira was the son of Kunti Devi and was the AMSA (features) of Lord Yama Dharma. He was the eldest son among all the pandavas. After his departure from the earth, he went to heaven. IMPORTANCE Yudhishthira was a great person who contains pure sense of mind. He always tries to win a person’s heart […]

King Kuru | Ancestor of Pandavas, Kauravas

King Kuru is the ancestor of the Pandavas, and the Kauravas. King Kuru had married with a pious lady and they had six children. He ruled the ancient kingdom of Hastinapur successfully. His name was mentioned in the Mahabharata. He contains good valour and he was an expert in handling powerful weapons during the war. […]

Yaudheya | Son of Yudhishtira, Devika

Yaudheya was the son of Yudhishtira and Devika. He was the grandson of Govasena, who was the king of Sivi Kingdom. After the death of his grandfather in the Kurukshetra war, Yaudheya had become the king of the Sivi Kingdom. Similar to his father Yudhishthira, he contains very good qualities, and moved with his half-brothers, […]

Kichaka Samhara Moorthy | Bheema as Slayer of Kichaka

Kichaka Keechaka Bheema

The great Pandava Bheema is also known as Kichaka Samhara Moorthy, since he has killed the wicked person Kichaka and made his dead body into several pieces. During the time of Pandava’s exile, they have hidden themselves in the Matsya Kingdom in different forms, which was ruled by King Virata. While Pandavas were doing different […]