Periyanaikutti Swamigal & Sithanaikutti Swamigal

Periyanaikutti Swamigal (18th century) was born in Sri Lanka. He was a great Siddha Purusha and contains great spiritual powers. He was born in Kandy in a pious Hindu family. He was good at studies at his younger age, and got much interest in spiritual activities.

He used to worship Lord Murugan at Kadarkama Murugan Temple, and sits in deep meditation for several hours even without having food. After some time, he went to India and met Sri Navaneedam Swamigal and become his friend, and got spiritual knowledge from him. He also met Sithanaikutti Swamigal, and made him as his disciple.

Sithanaikutti Swamigal was also a great saint and contains holistic powers. He was also an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga, and spent his life on devoting him. After staying in India for a few years, they returned back to Srilanka, and started doing spiritual service.

He and his disciple Sri Sithanaikutti Swamigal have done many miracles in the life of their devotees. They relieved the diseases of the devotees, and given them spiritual energy and lit the lamps in their lives. They insisted the devotees to worship the divine Lord Muruga in order to attain SALVATION.

PeriyanaikuttiSwamigal attained mahasamadhi during the year 1911 in Sri Lanka, and his disciple Sithanaikutti swamigal attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1951 in Sri Lanka.

Let us worship the great saints and be blessed.

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