Swami Murugesu | Founder of Sri Lankatheeswara Temple, Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka

Sri Murugesu Siddhar (20th century) was a native of Sri Lanka, and he was a Sri Lanka Tamilian. He was born in Kandy in Sri Lanka in the year 1933, to a poor family. He was a spiritual saint, and dedicated his life towards worshipping god, and towards doing good things to others.

His spiritual guru was Sri Kannaiya, and he also published lot of spiritual books, and he had large number of disciples. He lived in an Ashram at Nuwara Eliya city, and in that Ashram, he built the Sri Lankatheeswara temple for Lord Shiva, and Mata Gayatri Devi in the year 1974.

It is believed that at the place of the present temple, Ravana’s son Meghanad had performed penance on Lord Shiva during the Treta Yuga.

Apart from the Shiva Lingam at the main shrine, Saint ‘Murugesu Siddhar’ had installed several lingams inside the temple complex. In the year 2007, Saint ‘Murugesu Siddhar’ had left his physical body, and his ‘samadhi’ had been built at his ashram. Still now lot of devotees are visiting the Samadhi shrine of Sri Murugesu Siddhar and getting his instant blessings.

He had relieved the diseases of the devotees by giving the sacred ash of Lord Shiva. He also provided free food to the visiting devotees at his Ashram, and welcomed them in a kind manner. During his life time, he has performed lot of miracles in the life of the devotees, and removed their troubles and bad habits, and guided them properly for reaching the spiritual ladder.

Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.

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