Sant Paramananda | Disciple of Sankardev

Sant Paramananda (15th century AD) was born in a lower class community, and he is a disciple of Sankardev. Similar to his guru Sankardev, he is also a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, and he joined with his Guru, and introduced new forms of music and dance forms, and drawn various beautiful paintings of Lord Krishna. Apart from these things, he also wrote lot of bhakti songs on Lord Krishna and wrote bhakti texts in Assamese language. Along with Sankardev, he formed the Ekasarana Dharma, which is the Vaishnava Dharma.

Sant Parmananda spread the Bhakti movement in Assam amongst the Hindus, and his name and fame had spread in other kingdoms also, and he was highly honoured by the then kings. His contributions are highly valued in Assam even today, and his followers in Assam are trying their level best to introduce his valuable teachings amongst the people.


1. Unity must be maintained amongst all castes and creeds.

2. Lord Vishnu can be called by various names such as Hari, Rama and Govind.

3. Righteous living is needed at this present situation.

4. God is one, but we are differentiating him on the basis of religion.

5. Believe the supreme god Lord Krishna, and dedicate your entire life on him.

6. Divine consciousness can be obtained only through constant bhakti on the god.

7. God is the supreme personality who gives supreme strength to us, in metal as well as physical.

8. Study the holy texts like Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita, and taste the divine nectar from it.

9. Properly use your body organs for worshipping Lord Krishna, like bowing before him, seeing his divine beauty on your eyes, chant his glories from your mouth, hear the divine songs of Lord Krishna, and circumambulate the temples of Lord Krishna using your legs, and store the spiritual thoughts of Lord Krishna on your mind.


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